Wednesday, June 07, 2017

This hearing is a joke.

June 7, 2017
By Greg Myre

In an often contentious hearing on Capitol Hill, (click here) two intelligence chiefs testified Wednesday that they've never felt pressured to take improper actions regarding intelligence matters, including the investigation of Russia's meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

But the two officials, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and the head of the National Security Agency, Adm. Mike Rogers, declined to say whether President Trump ever asked them to downplay the Russia investigation....

The US Senate Committee on Intelligence needs to bring the same witnesses into closed session and take testimony after being sworn in. These witnesses are simply throwing everything to Mueller because they can CYA.

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (click here) authorizes the Intelligence Community to target the communications of non-U.S. persons 
located outside the United States for foreign intelligence purposes. A key 
anti-terror tool that has helped to thwart numerous terror plots including 
the 2009 conspiracy to bomb the New York City subway, Section 702 
operations are subject to multiple layers of oversight by all three branches 
of government.

Section 702 is up for reauthorization and should continue to be sundowned
with reauthorization.

There are a groups of US Senators that are playing politics with Section 702
and what to make them permanent. (click here)

I agree with Senator Lindsey Graham in that investigations are being conducted
to determine who US Intelligence is being leaked. There is a bigger picture
that has to be addressed regarding national security. These issues should not
have political brevity so much as a need for national security.

June 6, 2017

Sen. Lindsey Graham (click here) said Tuesday he won't approve a critical
surveillance provision until politically damaging leaks of classified information
are investigated and brought under control.

Graham said he isn't ready to approve legislation to reauthorize Section 702 of
the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which allows the National Security Agency
to monitor telephone communications and Internet data generated by foreign
nationals but can also sweep up Americans....

Closed Session is a bigger joke simply because it is more than obvious all the 

witnesses today have been "coached by Trump and his White House Attorney" 
as to their answers and then they will declare Executive Priviledge. The reason 
Executive Priviledge is a part of the closed session is because it is a closed
session and protects Trumps' political objectives. Once AGAIN the USA people
are toyed with by Trump and his "Yes Men."

I believe the witnesses today have false reasons for withholding their answers

and are in contempt of Congress.