Monday, June 26, 2017

The Rooster 

"Morning Papers"


I have had enough of White Supremacy in the USA and in other countries as well. 

Every American should know by now that as there is less and less income to a person or family the more problems exist while living in this democracy.

I believe Republican lawmakers don't care about people or their suffering or their striving which is a form of suffering. I also believe their are not minorities in any type of significant membership of that party for a reason. Occasional black faces and members are not enough. A party that does not reflect the needs of the nation and caters only to the wealthy is not a party worthy of leadership in the USA.

I do not believe there is a difference between a Republican, Plutocrat or White Supremacist. Not a bit of daylight.

When Kentucky had that spike in diagnosis of mining related illnesses there were dollar signs spinning in my vision of that party. See, a diagnosis does a lot. It provides for the foundation of health. The word diagnosis is not just a word of illness, the absence of it is a clear indication a person is healthy, but, in this case people were not healthy, they were NEGLECTED. The people of the Kentucky mining industry were invisible to the health care system and the health care dollar.

February 26, 2016

For the first time (click here) in about a century, no union coal miners are working in Kentucky. The state’s few remaining union miners were laid off New Year’s Eve when Patriot Coal’s Highland Mine in Western Kentucky shut down, the United Mine Workers of America confirmed.

“Appalachia was always a really tough nut for the union to crack, and I think maybe Kentucky was the toughest nut of all,” said labor historian James Green, author of a new book about West Virginia’s mine wars....

I am grateful for the reality that coal mining no longer exists in Kentucky. Tell me, how it was still an issue in the 2016 elections? It was a lie. It was rhetoric and no one bothered to tell the electorate it was a lie.

The illnesses diagnosed with the Kentucky coal miners is not a lie or rhetoric. It is real and those families are facing greater challenges than ever before. 

There are many industries in the USA that are dangerous, but, the ones that have the highest death rates is among the petroleum industry, including coal which is a fossil fuel. Haven't the American people had enough of the dirty energy produced by the fossil fuel industry. 

It is time to lay the last fossil to rest and that is the petroleum industry and it's immoral exports.