Sunday, June 25, 2017

Appendix A of the Kyoto Protocol recognizes "Manure Management" as a source of grrenhouse gases.

This is a section of page from Part 651 - Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook (click here)

This particular paragraph appears on page 4-6 in Chapter 4 on the 6th page in that chapter.

Methane is mentioned in the last sentence in the first paragraph on this page, It states methane as a carbon unit.

The title to that section/chapter of the USDA book is "Agricultural Waste Characteristics." The COMPUTED examples throughout this section brings a precise understanding of the contents of manure.

It is one of those documents most citizens laugh about when realizing the work their government is conducting. HOWEVER, while this report might have been a good fund raiser for US Senator McCain in March 2008, today I think most Americans can see the value in it.

The title of the book is, "Part 651 Agricultural Waste Management Field Book." (click here)

Not to be overlooked of this handbook is "Chapter 15, Computer Software and Models" (click here) The USDA has gone through not just very serious research to find the facts to methane release as it relates to agriculture, it has supplied the public with information on computer models for their procurement. (click here).

This information is very dated to 1997, but, it is a structure the government has complied that can be used with older software. If there is a need for updating the software to modern models, I am sure one of the Techy companies would be able to do so without a great deal of trouble.

The really good thing about this dated information is that the math formulas are never wrong regardless of the age of their software. It is why the equations are written out in long hand. Inscription never is inaccurate as long as it is done well.

Slide rule anyone?

It is only logical to have a device to check the computations of computers. 

Below, even Spoke knew that. He is holding a Jeppsen B-1 model of E6-B flight computing slide rule. Yes there is such a thing and yes it's slide is round.

Slide rule collection (click here).

Slide rule terms, etc. (click here)

Anyone leaving Earth to be a resident on Mars should know how to use a slide rule and how it is specialized to their particular needs.

But, back to Earth; any person or any USA government agency, county or individual farm can adapt the calculations use. It is also of use for governments outside the USA, including the UN, to understand the methane content of their agricultural emissions and it's trajectory in heating of Earth leading to plans in reducing those emissions.