Sunday, May 14, 2017

Someone want to explain what happened to truth in advertising?

This is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Why is it okay? Corporate? Really? The ad money is okay because corporations approve of the deception. Is that why it is running on USA networks. 

There is no oil IN THE ARTIST and artists can find material to express their art. Cave drawings have lasted millions of years and it wasn't because an oil based paint was manufactured by some corporation drilling into Earth somewhere.

If a woman is using oil based make-up she needs to read the label better. 

"Oil taps potential?" A handicapped female athlete is dependent on oil for her prosthetic arm? Plastics? Is that the point? A prosthetic arm is a lot more than plastic. And the female athlete needs clean air, water and an environment that won't kill her because of the climate crisis.

And the space program? That is outrageous. The petroleum industry is no where near the space program except for perhaps plastic and ground vehicles on Earth. Maybe. They can be replaced with E85 or Flex vehicles or better yet electric vehicles.

The petroleum industry has caused a great deal of damage in every corner of Earth and should be grateful they have product that is actually still needed.

The commercial is definitely misleading, ambiguous and flat out lies. It is a horrible commercial that insinuates oil is a hero to the American people.


The Russians might believe it though.