Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sincerest sympathies to the friends and families involved with the deaths and injuries in Manchester Arena.

It is an attack against civilization. It is a further attempt to demoralize the citizens in Europe.

May 23, 2017
By Karen Yourish, K.K. Rebecca Lai and Gregor Aisch

...Most of the terrorist attacks (click here) in Western Europe in the past few years have had some link to the Islamic State. Two of the deadliest, the attacks in Paris in November 2015 and in Brussels in March 2016, were directed by the Islamic State, carried out by operatives who trained with the group in Iraq and Syria....

They really are maniacal. The London bombing was March 22, 2017 and the Manchester attack was on May 22, 2017. Exactly two months apart on the same day. Of course, being the scared people we are we will anticipate an attack on July 22nd only to have one delivered on July 21st. That is just a guess and an illustration of how heinous their plans have become.

Until the suicide bomber is identified it is difficult to say what prompted this attack. The UK has it's own brand of militant holy man that spawns violence from time to time by Islamists in the UK. But, considering this is a plot to kill on a calendar of time, it is more than likely Daesh that has migrated to the UK.

Each attack in Europe can be summarized to a plan to destabilize nuclear powered countries; ie: the UK and France. There are three outside that definition; Belgium which is as good as France because some of the French terrorists were from Belgium. Belgium was probably to intimidate a government to refuse cooperation in finding terrorists. Belgium was a cozy safe haven until they attacked Paris.

Copenhagen is obvious. The cartoons. 

Berlin is interesting. Germany and it's people were welcoming to the migrants from Syria. It was taking on a safe haven characteristic. December 19, 2016 is close to the Christian holy day of Christmas. It could have been a shot across the bow of Germany to warn them about too much aggression to round up Daesh.

It is difficult for me to lump the Stockholm attack with the others. The perpetrator was an Uzbeck.

April 23, 2017
By Nadia Khomami

The main suspect (click here) in the truck attack in Stockholm that killed four and injured 15 has admitted committing a terrorist crime, his lawyer has said.

Johan Eriksson, a lawyer for Rakhmat Akilov, 39, told a heavily guarded custody hearing at Stockholm district court: “His position is that he admits to a terrorist crime and accepts therefore that he will be detained.”

Akilov, from Uzbekistan, appeared in court wearing a thick green hoodie and holding his head down. After Eriksson’s statement, the rest of the hearing was held behind close24d doors at the request of the public prosecutor’s office and journalists were told to wait outside....

Uzbecks have their own reasons and the Stockholm attacks look more or less as a mimic event. It is extremely similar to the Nice murders.

Considering all that, the attacks in France and the UK is about obtaining nuclear capacity. That was most obvious in France with the drones that circled around the power plant and then someone attempted to enter it.

Then there is this:

24 March 2016
By Nick Fagge, Corey Charlton, Sam Greenhill, Claire Duffin and Claire Elliot

The Brussels terrorists (click here) may have been plotting to make a radioactive bomb after it emerged 11 nuclear power plant workers have had their site access revoked amid fears of 'insider help'.
Jihadi brothers Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui had secretly filmed the daily routine of Belgium's nuclear programme chief, before they blew themselves up at Brussels airport and on a Metro train.
It is thought the brothers' spying operation was possible preparation for a kidnap plot to force him to let them into one of Belgium's two atomic facilities. However, it is likely they switched targets to the less well-guarded airport and Maelbeek Metro station after authorities became suspicious....

Now, if my suspicions are correct the terrorists use a method of attacking the public as if holding them as faceless, random hostages if they don't get their way in obtaining nuclear material or worse nuclear capacity. The attacks on the public is to encourage governments to think twice before ending plots for them to obtain nuclear capacity.

It just seems obvious to me that Daesh is looking to end the Assad regime and they have a singular method, nuclear attack of some kind.