Friday, May 26, 2017

Montenegro is an important ally to the USA and NATO in general. Location, location, location.

It is a multi-lingual country with many ethnicities, Montenegrin 45%, Serbian 28.7%, Bosniak 8.7%, Albanian 4.9%, Muslim 3.3%, Romani 1%, Croat 1%, other 2.6%, unspecified 4.9%.

It is a country that should be proud of it's history. It is one of struggle for autonomy, but, also as being a great ally of the USA through WWI. It was absorbed by monarchs in the years that followed, but, became a constituent of Yugoslavia after WWII which dissolved after 1992.

Montenegro in it's current sovereign state has existed since 2006. A young country with 11 years of consolidated government. Of course, this area of the world was somewhat similar with the struggles Ukraine has now. First separating from Russia and then ending any ethnic hatred to have a sovereign authority that is recognized by NATO as a strong and valuable ally. These people are of not minor importance to Europe or the USA.

Not unlike it's European friends, Montenegro is a spectacularly beautiful country. The geography of the country has contributed to it's autonomy over centuries as well.

Over the years leading to it's current sovereign nature, Montenegro has turned it's state owned companies. The banking industry is 100 percent privatized and it has the Euro as it's currency. There are many wise decisions here. The leadership knows what it is doing and there is a strong tourist economy that already exists. I am sure it would have benefited the Trump Company to take time to speak with the country's economic minister/secretary. Luxury hotels already exist there, but, an American hotel might be interesting to folks.

Montenegro is a member of the World Bank, IMF and the WTO. It's GDP is about $4 billion US and while 2008 didn't cause a decline in it's GDP, it stop the upward movement. I am sure the leadership is concerned about it's stagnant economy.

The country is planning major infrastructure changes that are mostly about moving people; planes, roads and rail. Montenegro is opening itself to more visitors to increase economic growth. Good thinking, but, NATO is vital to this country as it needs to provide security for it's people and control the influx of what might be charismatic infiltration of Daesh along with it's new economy. My guess is that Daesh has already taken notes about this beautiful country as it's President was so easily brushed aside by Trump; a moment of weakness and vulnerability. 

The USA/NATO military needs to look to Montenegro for it's sovereign security and protections of it's people.