Saturday, May 27, 2017

I really feel as though I need to defend her, even with a $51,000+ jacket. She is not Jared Kushner. At all.

Melania Trump's first official White House portrait

To begin, every woman in power can take lessons from the lovely First Lady.

This picture is very soft, but, very powerful. She is making eye contact with the camera and that comes from her TALENT as a model. She can connect with emotions expected at the other end of the camera.

I think the back drop is brilliant. She is obviously in a house (which most women identify with) and the house has windows to the world.

She is lavishing her diamonds, but, she is allowed. I am certain she is a millionaire several times over all by herself. Her engagement ring is loud and that is her spouse and she is willing to display his love of her.

I also want to bring to the surface the fact she is a very autonomous woman. She criticized her husband for his brackish behavior in the interview where he said he could fondle any woman he cared to because of his enormous wealth. She wasn't putting up with it.

As far as walking behind her husband; she wears high heels for crying out loud. She doesn't feel insecure and if one remembers the announcement for President; Mr. Trump was behind her as she descended the elevator. And about the way she gets in and out of "The Beast," so what! She likes getting out on her side of the car because she'd probably catch a heel on the carpet to move to Donald's side. 

Now, if you want to rip Donald to shreds, I really don't mind. He probably deserves to be ripped to shreds as he pays little 'gentleman like' attention to his spouse. He rarely is seen waiting for her or holding the door, but, maybe that is the point. We simply don't do that anymore. In my experience, men feel the need to do that more than women stand in belligerent offense of the fact they didn't hold the door.

May 26, 2017
By Rachel Lubitz

We learned (click here) a whole lot about Melania Trump this week. 

Apart from those awkward hand-holding debacles, this was Melania Trump's week to shine, making more appearances during her first trip abroad with her husband than ever before, which also means we got more outfits from Trump than ever before.

In total, at time of publishing, this week gave us 16 outfits total — that's a record! — which shines a new light onto what her style is really saying. Over at the Washington Post, her early looks this week were described as "controlled" and "self-contained," which isn't inaccurate at all.

But that being said, she also took risks. She wore more patterns than ever before, as well as colorful coats and decorative shoes. Although a majority of her outfits were predictable — girl loves a black or white dress or coat — she experimented with designers on this trip abroad, not just wearing Ralph Lauren but people like Reem Acra and Stella McCartney....

I am not going to recant every detail where I believe First Lady Melania Trump is her own woman. She is. She has been autonomous and it is my estimation no matter what the future holds she always will be and then reflect on Barron. He has a great Mom that loves her son and is setting the absolute best example of "woman" that can be set. She is strong, autonomous and yet loving.

As far as the fashion she displayed while with her spouse on their first international trip, she was exceptionally appropriate in every setting. She wore a great deal of black from a particular designer. I am not surprised when she had a chance to break out of the color midnight black.

As to the price, it is exceptionally shameful and she needs to be aware of that. Americans far less able to obtain such a jacket will try. She should always be aware that she is in the one percent of the wealth in the USA. There is a social and political price that goes along with that.

I like her. I think she wears the pressure of public life exceptionally well. She has yet to really let the American people down and as pointed out by Rachel Lubitz this is her 18th week as First Lady. I wish her well.