Friday, May 12, 2017

Flint, Michigan motivated an entire country.

There has been some random violence lately, a 17 year old is dead because of a bullet through his head while riding his bicycle and there was a lock down of a school when shots were heard.

Guns and violence do not solve problems. I am sorry to hear such issues exist in a town still trying to recover from an abuse of government. This is not the way to do it. Burning a truck is not the way to do this.

For as hard as it is being in Flint and realizing the tragedy that occurred; Flint was a wake up call to the country. Since this tragedy there are people all over this country asking questions. Flint's tragedy is now saving lives. An example is Waco, Texas which ignored lead findings in water two years ago. (click here) Waco still has lead paint leaching into ground water. Do you know how long ago it was that lead in paint was banned?

The picture is "White Lead" paint. White paint with a lead base. Look closely, it says it right on the label, "Basic Carbonate White Lead." 1978. That was the year lead in paint was banned and it is still in the living environment of children in Waco, Texas. Flint is do this. Flint is making people pay attention to injustice. It is happening around the country because Flint's problem is so very heinous and unnecessary. Flint, Michigan has every reason to be proud of standing up for justice. The people of Flint have a great Mayor. The people need to unite in recognizing the difference they have made in lives across this entire country.

May 12, 2017
By Ron Fonger

Flint, MI -- Vandals burned a truck (click here) and smashed windows of vehicles set to replace water service lines on Friday, May 12, setting back work that's being done on Flint's north side.
Mayor Karen Weaver said a crew with WT Stevens Construction Inc. discovered the damage when they showed up at a staging area where equipment had been left in a parking lot behind the shuttered Bryant Elementary School.
"I don't know what a motive could be," Weaver said at the site on East Pierson Road in Flint's 1st Ward. "When they are caught, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."
Police and Stevens employees were also on the scene Friday, assessing the damage and looking for clues....