Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Duterte says, "Please go on, tell me more." President Trump hasn't heard the motto, "Loose lips sink ships."

May 24, 2017
By Karen Lema and Nick Macfie

The Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Michigan arrives for a regularly scheduled port visit while conducting routine patrols throughout the Western Pacific in Busan, South Korea, April 24, 2017.

U.S. President Donald Trump (click here) told his Philippine counterpart that Washington has sent two nuclear submarines to waters off the Korean peninsula, the New York Times said, comments likely to raise questions about his handling of sensitive information.

Trump has said "a major, major conflict" with North Korea is possible because of its nuclear and missile programs and that all options are on the table but that he wants to resolve the crisis diplomatically....

I think it is really bad strategy to put two important USA nuclear assets in one place at one time. I think it is unnecessary redundancy.

..."a lot of firepower over there", according to the New York Times, which quoted a transcript of an April 29 call between the two.

"We have two submarines — the best in the world. We have two nuclear submarines, not that we want to use them at all," the newspaper quoted Trump as telling Duterte, based on the transcript....

I am sure Foreign Minister Lavrov had a great deal to smile about, both, in confirming what they already knew about military movements off the Russian coast and what they didn't know.

Trump is handing over the USA to Russia. It is everywhere. I think his tour of Europe and the Middle East has a good theme to fight terrorism through the understanding of all religions is an important one. But, to simply allow such information to be treated as "table talk" as if at dinner with the family is not at all appropriate. Where the heck are the Joint Chiefs?