Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Doctors don't practice racism, politics or hatred in general. Their spirit is pure to administer to those that need them.

Every human being on Earth should be grateful for that fact.

May 29, 2017
By Christine Mehta

...Turkish forces (click here) laid siege to rebel towns and imposed long military curfews, and their tanks shelled the towns without restraint. In the subsequent months numerous neighborhoods in Kurdish cities and towns like Diyarbakir, Cizre, Sirnak, Silopi, Nusaybin and Yuksekova were reduced to rubble in the fighting. The International Crisis Group estimated that at least 2,721 people were killed by April 25, 2017, including 393 civilians, 927 members of security forces, 1,257 P.K.K. militants and “219 youths of unknown affiliation.”...

"Doctors without Borders" needs to come to the rescue for the fate of colleagues. It isn't as though the world has a surplus of physicians and surgeons to waste.

I am quite confident while Russia and Assad whisper in the ears of Turkish officials, these charges of Dr. Serdar Kuni are equivalent to the bombing of the aid warehouse to Syria.

See, there really are good guys and bad guys in the world and Dr. Serdar Kuni is definitely a good guy. There is a fine line to walk and it exists for a reason. Dr. Serdar Kuni is definitely on the side of 'good guy' when it comes to that thin line. However, forces on the bad side of that line, such as Russia and Assad would have the Turkish government and officials believe Dr. Serdar Kuni is a plague upon Earth.

Which brings me to the next point, in that President Trump's infatuation with Russia to insure his businesses flouish within it's borders, hurt men like
Dr. Serdar Kuni. Throwing away an alliance with NATO is a serious issue and this is one of them. Also included in that alliance is the bombing of the supply warehouse for Syria.

See, Putin and Assad see any support of so called Syrian Rebels as an assault on the sovereignty of Syria. In like terms, Turkey is now closer to Russia than the USA and sees Kurdish Rebels the same as Assad. Both countries see their rebels as arch enemies, when in fact, they are instrumental to end regimes such as Daesh.

But, as to the case of Dr. Serdai Kuni; he is not guilty of anything except caring for human beings in need of his services. He knows no difference between enemy and ally. His work is highly stressful and in an emergency he doesn't ask questions because seconds count. When a child is ill and a mother seeks help, there is no understanding as to the correct doctor to take the child. The practice of Dr. Serdai Kuni is one of action to protect life. That should always be his only practice and to that end there is no enemy or ally; there is only life and it's protections.

The USA and NATO need to move to protect these valuable practitioners and the Turkish Courts need to be enlightened as to who sincerely is the enemy. The bombings in Turkey nearly caused a collapse of the government in a military coup. I would think it would be Daesh and all it's charasmatic movement that needs to be focused on by any country fighting for it's sovereignty. War of such nature make strange bedfellows. Reaching out to rebel groups may prove enlightening and remove the stigma currently attached to Dr. Serdai Kuni.

Enough of the hatred. War is not about hatred, it is about the right to life and land and Dr. Serdai Kuni cannot discern who is wining or losing the war, he can only decide who in front of him is dying or sick.