Sunday, April 02, 2017

There are no good reasons to change protocols to relieve the USA of responsibility in protecting Earth, our common home. The USA has the longest HISTORY.of GHG emissionos regardless of gas or vapor.

The land mass and its use, the growing population and consumerism of the USA allvt point to enormous emitting of gases and vapors that have harmed Earth. There is no pointing to others because the historical tropospheric GHG belong yb to the USA. Not to say Asia can do as it please while the USA mitigates the past. Asia needs to tighten up its GHG emitting and bring technology to bear whereverhc possible.

The real lesson to be learned from America's abuses is that greed kills. Our Wall Street companies were inappropriately appreciated for their profits and not their moral content in earning those profits. It is a shame in how American politics seeks to hide in corruption and pretends to be leading by example. I hope from here on the global community will feel secure in speaking truth to power.