Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The world of the "Hippie" has come of age.

By Michelle Rindels, Megan Messerly and Riley Snyder

After voters authorized recreational marijuana in November, (click here) Nevada lawmakers are discussing a raft of legislation to fill in the details of the new environment.

Here are some key themes running through 23 marijuana-related bills this session, and how they overlap with one another:

Marijuana taxation policy and ways to spend new revenue: SB181SB302SB341SB379AB463SB487SB508.

Easing or eliminating punishments for marijuana use: SB228AB259SB329AB345SB351SB374SB378SB396AB422.

Ensuring safe use of marijuana: AB135SB166SB277SB329SB344SB378.

Reorganizing the regulatory environment around medical and recreational marijuana: SB302SB329SB375AB422.

Marijuana research and economic development: SB236SB329SB341SB396SB416....