Sunday, April 30, 2017

The USA has lost it's dignity. The only real respect it receives is due to it's military might. No war is going to bring about the end of the climate crisis.

American agriculture historically has feed the world. An ever growing global population is complicated by a climate crisis that causes shrinking farm lands. The saddest example of this reality is Syria. The stress caused by drought forcing farmers to abandon their land is considered the one single reason for the civil war. Yet, no one is addressing the need to correct Syria's suffering landscape. When war breaks out it is about killing, not about what has gone wrong.

Water is a vital commodity in the year 2017 and getting more and more important was drought robs reservoirs, lakes and streams of water. Realizing agriculture can contribute to waters that are not healthy is important. Agriculture has to address it's use of chemicals and containment of those chemicals from water resources used for animal and human consumption. Economies have to protect from pollutants.

Methane is a more dense GHG when it comes to heating Earth. It is 25 more dense than CO2.  That means for every percent of GHG emitted it is causing 25 times more heating. So, while methane is considered to be ONLY 9 percent at it's lowest estimate of all GHG, it doesn't mean it can be given a pass. 

Of all the GHGs methane is probably one of the most difficult to control when it comes from agriculture. That fact means commercial emissions have to be controlled. The source methods of commercial methane is known and can be controlled. It is just that the petroleum industry has no will to do it. The petroleum industry is one of the most crudest industries on Earth with absolutely no will to contain it's environmental pollution. Methane must be contained. It is dangerous to human life through it's explosive nature as well as it's density in heating Earth.

When it comes to agricultural environmental effects, the water is as much a concern as the air.

Good night.