Monday, April 10, 2017

Sincerest sympathies to those in Sweden who have perished and the loss of wonderful people in Egypt.

April 10, 2017

Members of Sweden's royal family and politicians attended the ceremony in Stockholm

Sweden's prime minister (click here) has told the families of the victims of Friday's truck attack they are not alone, after the country held a minute of silence.

Stefan Lofven said all of Sweden's thoughts were with them following a ceremony outside Stockholm City Hall, also attended by the mayor and most of the Swedish royal family.

Four people died and 15 were injured when a hijacked truck was driven into a department store in central Stockholm.

An Uzbek man, 39, is the main suspect.

Uzbeks have been involved with terror long before Daesh. Many Uzbeks practice the Muslim faith, but, to state this is unique because of Daesh is wrong. Daesh is an excuse for killing regardless of the history of such men carrying out atrocities.

Addressing those affected by the attack, Mr Lofven added: "You are not alone, we are thinking of you. All of Sweden stands with you."

Police have not released the identities of the victims, but said they were:...

Uzbeks were terrorists long before Daesh. The organization is "Hizb ut-Tahrir." The other and more common name for the organization is HT. HT had the corner of Calphate long before it became fashionable in Syria. Uzbeks are in prison because they are violent extremists. Their clerks are occasionally jailed as well. They have a bad attitude and they sometimes face religious oppression 

"Google Books" has a publication on line that is free and would help to understand HT for those that care to. "Guide to Islamist Movements" (click here)

If my memory services me well, I think Uzbeks were involved with the Beslan school. The so called mastermind was Chechen, Shamil Basayev. Basayev was an Islamist. He no longer breaths.

But, when I hear there are Uzbeks involved in any terror attack I think of HT long before Daesh.

12 February 2015
By William Scates Frances

Another day, (click here) another Islamic State (Isis) meme. This one is a rather well done mimicry of the pamphlet style of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Its title reads “Hizb ut-Ta’khir” – translated roughly as the “party of delay” – and its bold headline reads “Establishing the Khilafah since 1953”.
Beneath, the disclaimer reads: “I know, we have got nowhere so far, but we have lots of conferences and heaps of flags and are really good at sitting in cafes …”

This is not the first meme about Hizb ut-Tahrir to be spread around the oft deleted and resurrected pro-Isis Twitter handles. The Dawlah twittersphere (Dawlah meaning “state”, shorthand for Islamic State) is full of them, all of a similar theme, all targeting Hizb ut-Tahrir....

All the wackos have turned themselves loose in the name of demented faiths estranged from the sincerely devoted Muslims.