Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mr. Trunbull should stay loyal to the values of his countrymen and arrive at the Oval Office with a full report of the wealth being produced at any Trump properties.

April 28, 2017

...So how should Mr Turnbull (click here) prepare for his first face-to-face meeting with his US counterpart in New York next week?

Mike Green, a former US National Security Council staffer during George W Bush's presidency, says Mr Turnbull should start by watching the powerful right wing Fox News channel, to get a sense of "what's going into the President's head"....

That is fascinating. Australians in Sydney believe FOX News speaks to Trump in a way that will re-elect him. Power. FOX News is power and is inside Trump's head.


Trump and greed are inside Trump's head. Mr. Turnbull needs to bring all the insider information that projects wealth for any Trump current investment or the ones to come.

..."[Trump] is not in command of the detail. Most of his information comes from watching Fox TV."

Dr Green, who is now senior vice-president for Asia at the Center​ for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC, adds Mr Abe's February meeting with Mr Trump was successful because the Japanese leader focused on convincing the US President "Japan was his best friend"....


..."Every issue is a potential point of negotiating something," Dr Green explains. "If you ask for something, [Trump] sees that as a weakness."...

Intimidation works with allies for "Trump's Art of the Deal."

...Lieutenant General HR McMaster has taken over from Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, meaning decision making and briefing have become "much more predictable," Dr Green says....

Amazing. The USA was unpredictable. Wow. The only common ground with the USA are the wars and allied commitment.

..."We're actually very frank with each other." 

I think that is a good thing. I like being frank, especially with this White House. It works for me.