Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I have a real thing about false charges and degree of crime.

I don't make this analogy because of their common first name. I make this analogy because I think police work in the USA is a horror and the prosecutors just as bad.

March 30, 2014
By Marcella Bombardier

...“There is some speculation (click here) that this might have been an MIT student experimenting with a robot,” one MIT employee noted in an e-mail after a second breach by Swartz was discovered. But another pointed out that “sinister foreigners’’ may have stolen credentials or compromised a computer.

MIT’s efforts to track down Swartz, while under intense pressure from JSTOR, the not-for-profit that ran the journal database, eventually would lead to felony computer crimes charges that might have brought years in jail. Swartz, 26, was under indictment when he committed suicide in January 2013.

Critics, both on campus and around the world, have accused MIT of abandoning its values celebrating inventive risk-taking by helping to doom a young man whose project — likely an act of civil disobedience to make information freely available — didn’t in the end cause serious harm....

Why is it over bearing applications of the law does not result in prosecution of those that apply it?

Suicides occur because of complete helplessness in the face of the future. The first step to ending deaths of those facing prosecution and those occurring while in custody begins with responsible applications of the law and not viciousness to protect the image of enormous institutions, such as the NFL and MIT.