Tuesday, April 04, 2017

There have been 26 dead Americans because of tornadoes to date in 2017.

April 4, 2017
By Faith Eberts

Following several rounds of damaging storms early this week, (click here) a new storm will bring the threat of severe weather back to the eastern United States.

The first severe weather associated with the new storm will erupt over the Central states in portions of Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri Tuesday afternoon and evening.

The storms will roughly parallel the Interstate-44 corridor from Oklahoma City to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Joplin and Springfield, Missouri....

Five of those deaths occurred with this storm. The danger is not abating. This current storm took about 24 hours to form into a vortex. In this satellite image it is easy to discern the extent of the reach of the current northern spring hemisphere as the entire ITCZ is disrupted with water vapor pulled into higher latitudes to fuel the vortexes.

4 April 2017
UNISYS water vapor satellite of the north and west hemisphere (12 hour loop please see below)

As the first vortex moves offshore of North America there is a second one already formed over the Midwest which took all of about 12 hours.

4 April 2017
UNISYS water vapor satellite of north and west hemisphere ( click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

April 3, 2017
By Chris Dolce
The tornado death toll for 2017 (click here) has risen to 26 after an EF1 that destroyed a mobile home and killed two people in Breaux Bridge, Lousiana, Sunday morning.
Most of the fatalities from tornadoes so far this year occurred during a Jan. 21-22 outbreak that killed 20 people in the South. The other four additional tornado-related deaths were in Illinois and Missouri on Feb. 28....