Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why did the Tea Party stop the Republican so called "Fix" to the ACA?

That is the real question. Why? The Tea Party (Freedom Caucus) is the extremist of the extremists, so why make the Republican measure fail? 

March 25, 2017
By Priyanka Dayal McCluskey and Felice J. Freyer

The failure of House Republicans (click here) to approve new health care legislation Friday was met with relief in Massachusetts, which stood to lose billions of dollars in critical federal funding under the bill. But that doesn’t mean the state is worry-free when it comes to paying for medical care that is considered both high quality and high cost.

Most pressing, the state faces significant financial challenges with its Medicaid program, called MassHealth, which covers low-income residents. Enrollment has swelled as the program is used to provide coverage to more than just the state’s poorest denizens. It now includes more than 1 in 4 residents, or 1.9 million people. That’s up from 1.1 million people a decade ago....

Why? You have to understand how they are to understand they intend to destroy the country until the federal government and the states are bare knuckled police, fire and military. They see no other value for government.


They are the Kochs, the Waltons, the Trumps and every other FAMILY CORPORATION in the country that has no IPO/stock offering.

Their so called fortunes were made by generations past and should have ended when the founders died. That didn't happen. The businesses have lived on as 'a gift' from dear ole' Mom and Dad.

The businesses are outdated and part of the problem in today's economy that has to bend to keep up with the demands of a growing population in the world and Earth's physics. These family businesses have no vested interest in the idea society has to change as time passes. The economy of the past is not capable of supporting generations to come.

The Old Oil Barons are probably the best example. They bought Dick Cheney and he pledged to be the biggest bad ass alive. That was the only way he could harness power from a basically civilized USA. Being a bad ass is a male identity (God help you, Hillary Clinton. The USA is NOT going there.) that serves itself well with declarations of war by the last Superpower on Earth. 

Wouldn't you think that when the USA declared itself the last Superpower on Earth peace would be a prime directive? But, what do we have today? We have another male bad ass that is cutting regulations to the bone because he thinks it's cool. He is the Supreme Bad Ass. His friends, like the Amway Queen, want to make pyramid schemes the only way to make a living in the USA. The Tea Party/Freedom Caucus are backed by useless businesses that should have died decades ago.

Basically, the billionaires of today should be working folks because no different than a growing population on Earth, a family grows in size when parents have 5, 6 or seven children or more. So, when the children of the original founders inherited their fortunes they saw their own large family and no way to slide them into a millionaire or billionaire slot without future exploitation of natural resources or harnessing the subsistence lifestyle of supply side economics or wanting to be a millionaire with pyramid schemes. These are all old paradigms that did not die.

The reason the Freedom Caucus stood in the breach with the Republican health care bill could be for hero worship. They can appear to be real bad asses or they can appear to be a shadow warrior for the Democrats. Either way they win the next election if their propaganda appeals to all.

So, perhaps the Freedom Caucus seems interesting to those in Massachusetts, but, BEWARE Gentle Ben. The life you save may be your own, because, they are taking aim at Massachusetts and the result will not be like a Governor of conscience even though he is a Republican.