Thursday, March 02, 2017

While Emperors of Fake News, Fox News defiles American media, the Neo-Nazis are carry on the crusade elsewhere.

Fox News may not be flying the Iron Cross they are aligned directly with Neo-Nazis.

The Ultra White have no moral compass. They want power. If it comes at a price then let that price be paid in favors to cronies. Simple. But, what cronies don't realize is that once in power, they can fall victim to that power as well.

March 2, 2017
By Jorge Branco

Göring, Keitel, Himmler, Hitler. Three men with Iron Crosses, and one civilian.

A prominent neo-Nazi website (click here) has reviled the Brisbane Times and Fairfax Media in response to a story highlighting a Queensland tradie's move to sponsor the website.

The Daily Stormer, one of the world's most visited neo-Nazi blogs, labelled Fairfax Media "main pig filth", "Tel Aviv's attack dog" and a defender of the "Jew World Order".

The comments came after Queensland electrician and airconditioner installer Simon Hickey emerged as the site's only corporate sponsor, drawing condemnation from a Jewish civil rights organisation.

"The Brisbane Times, which is owned by the biggest fake news media organization in Australia, has attempted to pull the plug on the Daily Stormer's sole corporate sponsor: an Aussie electrician," the Daily Stormer wrote in a post published overnight.

"Fairfax Media, the owner of this bush league rag, is like Tel Aviv's attack dog. It has made a practice of seeking out and defaming anyone that opposes the Jew World Order."

Both Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin and Smerff Electrical owner Mr Hickey refused to answer questions about the original article, although Mr Hickey did send an email criticising the "Lamestream Media Fake News"....