Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sometimes I wonder where Americans get their violent streak.

The children of Forest Lake Elementary School trod the boards in a dramatic reenactment of how the United States Constitution came to be. After the Revolution, the young United States was anything but united. The states acted like thirteen separate countries, with their own governments, laws, and currencies. It took bravery, smarts, and a lot of compromises to create a workable system of government under the new constitution.

Author: Jacqueline Jules (click here)

There was a remake of the British Invasion called "The Beetles." They were on the right side of human trafficking, too. I was kinda proud of them. They had this morality that worked for me. "I wanna hold your hand." They were really fun.


THE ONLY SUPERPOWER until Donald Trump decided Russia should regain it's status in the world!

It is time to shake all the old bad habits, folks. "God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son." HE ONLY DID IT ONCE, did you notice that?

Christian History: (click here) In the first three centuries, Christians were pacifists. By 1096, they embarked on a holy war. What caused such a huge change?

Jonathan Riley-Smith: First, the early church was not entirely pacifist. In Romans 13, for example, Paul justifies the violence of the pagan emperor, for the emperor is yet a minister of God. And Christians served in the Roman army from the second century on.

Following the conversion of the emperors, in the fourth century, the church became more open to using violence. Church leaders, after an initial shock, began supporting the use of force against heretics.

Then Augustine formulated his theory of “just war,” but his terms effectively mean “holy war.” Augustine and the medieval world concluded that violence is not evil. Instead, violence is morally neutral. That makes a crusade possible....