Thursday, March 23, 2017

Socially known in The Sawth as "Poor White Trash."

When I worked in health care in North Carolina there were basically two type of male personalities for the under-educated, the holy man and the tragic man.

The holy man would live a far longer life even into his eighties and nineties. The tragic man would live to his mid-forties or early fifties. The categories were both extreme personas.

Quality of life for both were supported by poor wages and long hours. The holy man would work hard, often 2 to 3 jobs, no sacrifice was too much for his family because his rewards lie after his death in heaven. He doesn't drink alcohol, it is evil, eats what is prepared by his spouse, his children are to do well in school IF THEY WERE SMART ENOUGH. If the child could not achieve in school it was expected they would fall in to a deeply religious lifestyle of their father because he was blessed with a good woman who loved her children.

The tragic man lived "wide open." He drinks alcohol, frequently an alcoholic, eats fried food, "What is organic?", has sex with pretty women and is an absent father. He pays child support and drinks to forget he misses them. He smokes tobacco, chews tobacco, doesn't attend church, can be homeless from time to time because holding down a job is sometimes difficult, he is considered a man unable to cope with his own reality by his family. His friends, if he has any, are alcoholics that has sustained loss repeatedly. They are Caucasian.

These are the angry people. There are two sides as you can see. One is tried of lazy bums and their welfare and food stamps getting women pregnant without responsibility. The others are tired of being called bums and supporting programs they will never receive a benefit. They voted. They voted with abandon for a Human Molotov Cocktail. Both of these stereotypes have been harnessed for politics out of hate and fear; both extreme feelings; and for the differences in their lifestyles they vote the same and primarily for Republicans. Both lifestyles are of misery, toned by prayer or altered consciousness. I don't believe it will ever change. It is too far gone. The state governments are highly corrupt and the people vote out of empathy or indifference so long as they maintain the status quo.

There is no moral content in either lifestyle. There is no quality of life. There is just life and suffering with a choice of coping. These people are suffering from human rights abuse, but, are too self-righteous (pride) to see it for themselves and fight those who try to bring about reality or the truth. It is too much for them. It's been generations.

If anyone thinks there will be sympathy for these folks and health care will be left in place by Republicans, you would be wrong. Republican dogma states, these people have the liberty to live the life they want and die as they will. They don't care if they bring the country down with them.