Friday, March 24, 2017

All are old, white men.

Hello, America.

March 23, 2017
By Z. Byron Wolf

...Their gripe? (click here) The photo featured no women, even though lawmakers were discussing Republicans' health reform proposal -- and members of the House Freedom Caucus want to strip a requirement that health insurance plans cover essential benefits, including coverage for maternity services.

"Appreciated joining @POTUS for meeting with the Freedom Caucus again today. This is it. #PassTheBill"

This is ridiculous. No. It is hideous.

24 March 2017

...The photo shows Mr Pence (click here) sitting with members of the all-male House Freedom Caucus, meeting to negotiate with the president over changes to the bill.

This includes adjustments such as no longer requiring insurance companies to offer maternity care in all health plans.

Many conservatives also want to repeal benefits that all insurance policies must cover under the Affordable Care Act, including emergency room visits, substance abuse treatment, and preventive care such as screenings and vaccines....

Customized health care targets women and families for more expense than men. Health insurance is always decided based on "pool of subscriber statistics." Isolating people with children and expecting women is discrimination. In most health care policies today there is already a choice of individual, parent and child(ren) and family. Additionally, if states opened their markets to national companies there would be intense competition for the first few years while wealthier companies forced others out of business. Eventually, there would be no competition with only a very few health insurance companies remaining only to provide 'cartel pricing.'