Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ah. The smart guys vs the rhetorical.

I hesitate to call them smart guys in the way one might think IQ. The idea the White House branch of Goldman-Sachs came up with a disaster of a budget is incredible to realize. It only further reinforces that Goldman is a 'wannabee' Wall Street firm and not a real one. It throws it's financial weight around to make money, but, it is not real money, it is opportunistic money. 

Months ago, the interest in Goldman Sachs as an investment on Wall Street started to dim and for good reason. The stock markets were increasing for the Goldman Sachs stock prices alone as one after another of the firms Holy Men entered the White House.

This is a hubris White House. All 'huff and puff' and not much substance. Oh, it can do plenty of damage, but, everyone is still waiting to find the real genius behind the policy.

I don't care if the White House is chronically high noon at the Okay Corral; the bigotry has to stop. The bigotry coming out of this White House is religious, ethnic and related to skin color in combination or alone. It is interestingly masked in female demeanor and delicacy, but, it is bigotry just the same served up to engage the global membership of White Supremacists.


Trump is on the verge of being completely irrelevant to real life. His administration is proving to be idiots without a single methodology to carry out cuts/budgets. But, then there is Ryan. Somehow it all fits.

I think the term to express the real essence of the Trump administration are "Hatchet Men." Straight out of Al Capone.

March 18, 2017
By Phillip Rucker and Robert Costa

Inside the White House, (click here) they are dismissed by their rivals as “the Democrats.”

Outspoken, worldly and polished, this coterie of ascendant Manhattan business figures-turned-presidential advisers is scrambling the still-evolving power centers swirling around President Trump.

Led by Gary Cohn and Dina Powell — two former Goldman Sachs executives often aligned with Trump’s eldest daughter and his son-in-law — the group and its broad network of allies are the targets of suspicion, loathing and jealousy from their more ideological West Wing colleagues.

On the other side are the Republican populists driving much of Trump’s nationalist agenda and confrontations, led by chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, who has grown closer to Chief of Staff Reince Priebus in part to counter the New Yorkers.

As Trump’s administration enters its third month, the constant jockeying and backbiting among senior staff is further inflaming tensions at a time when the White House is struggling on numerous fronts — from the endangered health-care bill to the controversial budget to the hundreds of top jobs still vacant throughout the government....