Sunday, March 19, 2017

This is interesting. Jeff Sessions has nothing to say about this?

The USA Congress has always had a special relationship with Appalachia and now the region is being cut loose to make it on it's own which of course will American Great Again. 

When the USA Congress first engaged in improving the quality of life in Appalachia it was to make America Great. It was to improve the entrenched impoverishment of Americans living in Appalachia.

If there is any doubt this funding i snot needed, AS WITH EVERY OTHER CUT, in the USA budget; there should FIRST be a study on the effectiveness of the federal programs and the damage that will occur to the USA and it's people of Appalachia if that funding is withdrawn. That is the CORRECT way to make cuts to federal programs.

It is no different in the brilliant accounting in the CBO in regard to the ACA. The CBO was spot on when it came to an analysis of the ACA. They were more correct in their numbers and those that would lose healthcare than the Democrats.

If this administration continues to be Hatch Men rather than a governing body that can make intelligent decisions; the USA economy will collapse. The people will be in crisis and while the USA military is wallowing in their new found mud hole, that won't translate into an economy so much as a glut of wealth. In my opinion, the increase in the USA military budget will only bloat the research organizations and bring in more foreign talent.

March 16, 2017
By Matthew Pearl and Michael King

...The Interagency Council (click here) on Homelessness aids the nearly 13,000 homeless Georgians, and the Appalachian Regional Commission has created more than 1,900 jobs in Georgia's 37 Appalachian counties, all but two of which voted for Trump.

Those agencies make up only a sliver of the cuts: $2.9 billion. Trump's budget takes $2.6 billion from the EPA and percentages from nearly every Cabinet department. The biggest cuts? $9.2 billion from the Department of Education, $10.9 billion from the State Department, and $12.6 billion from Health and Human Services.

It's $54 billion in total cuts, and where is it going?

All of it is going to increases in defense spending. This includes border protections, such as "a physical wall along the southern border."

This proposal is just that. Its pages are just recommendations from the President to Congress, which actually passes the federal budget. But this proposal does continue that conversation about what we expect from our federal government -- and it makes clear the view of the President....

It seems as though US Senators from this region are attempting to continue to transition into a better economy with respect for Appalachian traditions and cultures. I hope the bill passes, the people effected by it will sincerely need it now.

Shown Here:

Introduced in Senate (02/15/2017)

Appalachian Forest National Heritage Area Act (click here)

This bill establishes the Appalachian Forest National Heritage Area to include specified counties in the states of Maryland and West Virginia.
The bill designates the Appalachian Forest Heritage Area, Inc., as the local coordinating entity for the area.
The bill also requires the Appalachian Forest Heritage Area, Inc., to submit a management plan that provides for the protection, enhancement, and interpretation of cultural, natural, historical, educational, scenic, and recreational resources of the area.
THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL LIVES WITH PRIDE IN THEIR CULTURE AND they voted for Trump only to be undermined by his Hatch Job on the USA Budget.