Thursday, February 16, 2017

What happens now that the TPP is ancient history?

China develops it's own Middle Class and Wall Street profits.

When Nixon opened relations with China it was to bring better economies to both countries, then the entire ideal was turned over to Wall Street and stupidity reigned. 

The USA has decided not to ratify the TPP, (click here) which was originally conceived as a way of promoting economic growth through encouraging trade between Pacific Rim Countries. If the bi-lateral trade agreement had been passed it would have reduced regulatory barriers and cut tariffs between the signatory countries.

The new administration has been clear that their focus is on USA based businesses, producing domestically and creating jobs for American workers. To do so, it is likely that there will be an increase in taxes on imports from countries currently operating a trade surplus versus the USA. Related to which a 20% tax on Mexican imports was touted as a way of financing the construction of a border wall to control immigration.

These policies will increase costs for those trying to sell into the USA and these businesses in turn are likely to pass at least part of these costs onto US consumers in the form of higher prices. One of the impacts of which will be the increased competitiveness of domestic businesses who are able to avoid these increased costs....

The American people never bargained for job loss and poverty, but, it did expect the countries that would now be trading partners to improve the wealth of the country, BUT ALSO, to improve the quality of life of the people. The people of the USA never expected Wall Street to pull "the quick and dirty."

"Quick profits in immoral environments."

Wall Street was suppose to invest in China, but, not for port cranes. It was suppose to invest in infrastructure that would produce products the Chinese would buy.

Trade relations would result in purchases in China of products they didn't produce yet, like cars or washers and dryers. That didn't happen and let's face it the infrastructure of China is not really up to speed even today to bring a modern face to the Chinese infrastructure.

Water treatment plants needed to be built with sewage pipes and water pipes. Homes that were made to last in areas of the country able to sustain people. Preservation of nature in places in China that could be a tourist haven to enhance the deeper and more impoverished areas of China. I don't see a Trump Hotel in the mountains where poverty still exists.

There was a great deal the American people wanted to happen in countries such as Bangladesh and India when relations were normalized and encouraged. What happened instead were CEOs looking for bonuses at any price and golden parachutes when they ccouldn't provide those profits.

IT HAS BEEN DISGUSTING to watch Wall Street exploit every person on Earth. They went the easy route to quick returns and never bothered to place morality before money to realize there are people at the end of the production line. Basically, Wall Street squandered an opportunity while making the American people look bad.

When are the American people going to be the heroes rather than those that exploit for money at any cost!

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Each state in which you register to do business, requires a registered 'local' agent for service of process....