Saturday, February 11, 2017

They have a right to do it. Do they know if they are deporting the intended people?

It is a silly question, but, are there refugees among them? Most of the people that come across the border are coming out of fear of someone. 

February 11, 2017
By Lisa Rein, Abigail Houslohner and Sandhya Somashekar

...Christensen said the raids, (click here) which began Monday and ended Friday at noon, found undocumented immigrants from a dozen Latin American countries. “We’re talking about people who are threats to public safety or a threat to the integrity of the immigration system,” she said, noting that the majority of those detained were serious criminals, including some who were convicted of murder and domestic violence.

Immigration activists said the crackdown went beyond the six states DHS identified, and said they had also documented ICE raids of unusual intensity during the past two days in Florida, Kansas, Texas and Northern Virginia.

That undocumented immigrants with no criminal records were arrested and could potentially be deported sent a shock wave through immigrant communities nationwide amid concerns that the U.S. government could start going after law-abiding people....