Tuesday, February 21, 2017

No, Mr. Kushner, you may not have control of the media. Communist!

February 20, 2017
By Andrew Buncombe

When Donald Trump’s son-in-law (click here) met recently with a senior executive from CNN’s parent company, there were apparently several things he wanted to get off his mind.

Firstly, Jared Kushner, a senior advisor to the president, did not think the network had been reporting fairly on his father-in-law. And, according to the Wall Street Journal, he took particular objection to some of the comments made by CNN contributors Van Jones and Republican strategist Ana Navaro.

The newspaper said that Mr Kushner, one of the people on whom Mr Trump relies heavily, spoke with Gary Ginsberg, Time Warner’s executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications.

“Mr Kushner has taken issue with specific CNN contributors including Van Jones, a Democrat who served in the Obama administration, and Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist, who have each criticised Mr Trump in harsh terms, the people familiar with the matter said,” the report said...

If you ask me and of course no one is, this is more racism by the Trump camp. It could not be any more obvious that Kushner is a Ultra White along with the rest of the White House staff.

Van Jones has been on the Right Wing media hate list since President Obama was elected. Ana Navarro should have been courted by Mr. Kushner as a Republican media darling, but, no Ms. Navarro must be an illegal from Mexico and needing deportation soon.