Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mines are really lousy thing as well as the lack of quality of life it brings.

The Earth is a complex place. I realize men who see Earth and Earth's moon as a place of profit, that is not what Earth was designed for. People in power these days to believe Earth was designed by god, so let's follow that path a bit.

Earth is not a place to be taken lightly. It is a place of life unlike any other planet. 

Mining Earth should be based in necessity and not simply greed. Natural Resources are needed for day to day life, but, when they are scoffed up in a short period of Earth's history it leaves dearly little left for generations that will inherit this beautiful water planet.

The mining of natural resources, even today, is abusive of the land and the people. A good example of that is the "World's Largest Limestone Quarry." I doubt "Pure Michigan" is the expression that should be attached to this monster.

Oddly enough, the town next to the quarry is Rogers, Michigan. Any visitor to Rogers, Michigan has to pass the quarry to get to the town. I wouldn't call it a vacation spot.

...Limestone (click here) is a raw material formed when the area was covered with a shallow saltwater sea, and it’s used in a variety of chemicals, cement, and steel. In Michigan the limestone is used in refining sugar beets, a major agricultural product in the Thumb’s farmland.

Rogers City has an abundance of limestone and, located on Lake Huron, has the bonus of access to the Great Lakes and easy and cheap transportation by freighter.

In 1910 the Michigan Limestone and Chemical Company was founded in Rogers City, and limestone has been the lifeblood of the area since The Port of Calcite opened in 1912. It is now owned by Carmeuse Lime & Stone....