Friday, January 13, 2017

Winter brings the homeless into focus as they seek heat and survival.

I stood outside a small house owned by a church today. It was 10:00 AM and the showers were beginning inside.

There was a line to the front door. See the church turned this small house over to the homeless to find comfort and safety during daylight hours.

The line dissipated quickly as soon as the doors opened to the house. There is one shower in that little house, where a person is allowed 15 minutes. The shower is only open for four hours. So, on any given day there are 16 showers provided in that tiny house.

When I arrived to observe what was occurring there were about 12 people already there which would mean anyone that came afterward had a rare chance at showering today.

But, as I stood there and observed I was astonished at the age of that 10 AM group. They were young adults. They weren't your standard homeless. They were young and appeared to be single.

We have a problem in the USA. The people that need to be heard have no megaphone. They are lucky they have a phone at all. I passed a public park and watched a young woman holding a flashlight examine each trash can as she passed them. Sometimes she would reach inside and take something out. The young woman was alone and about mid 20s.

There is something very wrong in the USA and the working poor is breaking into homeless individuals with their children scattered to the winds.

I observed another young woman with her jeans nearly off her bottom. This was no fashion statement, she was pregnant. I stopped and asked her if she could use some clothes and she said, "No, the baby will be here soon. Thanks, anyway." She was walking along with a service dog at her side. I asked why she had the dog and she stated, the counselors thought it would help and it does. She said she had already lost two children to a Division of Social Services and was hoping there would be room soon at a shelter so when this one was born she didn't have to give it up. She said she thought it would be different this time because she was with her husband, but, a week ago he left and never said why. She hadn't heard from him since. It is my opinion men are natural care givers when they are in the role of providing. From what she said they were homeless and nothing was getting better, so she doesn't think he could stand it anymore and left. She didn't know if he was alive or dead.

And she refused help with some clothes. I think she was still in shock of losing him and unsure of her future. The service dog gave her something to care about.



And the Democrats are worried about a message? I think it is time they listen to Rep. Barbara Lee.

Oh, yeah, for all those White Supremacists laughing at the homeless women, every one of them entered here as a living example were pretty white girls.