Monday, January 09, 2017

Texans have egos that size of their state, unfortunately their brains aren't. I apologize to China for the moronic display of ego the world has ever seen.

Texans are wackos. There is no other description of a Texan. They believe they are the most power people in the world. Needless to say they have never seen the world in which they exist.

In a military confrontation (click here) between China and Taiwan who would emerge as being least devastation.

See that map. There's China and very little Taiwan, there is North and South Korea and Japan. 


January 1, 2019
By Li Haidong

...Trump and his team (click here) will realize that the biggest potential flashpoint in the Asian-Pacific region is "Taiwan independence."...

State-run Chinese (click here) tabloid Global times warned President-elect Donald Trump that China would "take revenge" if he rolls back the one-China policy, after Taiwan's president Tsai-Ing Wen made a controversial stop in Houston, 

It has become a general consensus among the international community that there is only one China in the world; Taiwan is a part of China; and the government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legitimate government representing China.

However, the Taiwan independence secessionist forces have gained an upper hand on the island in recent years. Taiwan leader Tsai, who refuses to acknowledge the "1992 Consensus" and has taken steps in furthering the pursuit of de jure Taiwan independence, has become the source of disturbance in the regional order. If the Trump government supports Tsai's secessionist ideas, the Asia-Pacific region will, no doubt, become turbulent, which will set back Trump's goal of "making America great again."

Trump said earlier that he would reevaluate the one-China principle, which revealed his superficial understanding of Taiwan's sensitive and critical role in the Sino-US relationship....

There can never be a war over Taiwan REGARDLESS of their politics. There is a one China policy. If the USA ever posed a threat by actions with Taiwan and that threat was more and more real, China would be a first strike country. The USA's west coast would be in their sites along with other places in the USA.

North Korea would launch in combination with China. The West would have it's hands full immediately as deadly attacks would reach Japan and Taiwan long before any retaliatory strikes would reach China.

I personally feel uncomfortable even having this as a top of discussion. It is a hideously stupid idea and any shadow of a threat and China would take action. The entire idea is nonsense. The entire idea is a threat to The West. The entire idea is a humiliating assault on the lives of those in Taiwan. 

You want to know something, China is correct. A USA occupied Taiwan is a direct threat to China and it's people. This is the same dynamic we experienced with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Same thing. 

The Texans, including Cruz, needs to put their egos away and live in the same world everyone else does. Texans should get out once in awhile. The reason they don't become more worldly is because "There ain't no other place in the world besides Texas." The global community should breath a sigh of relief at that ideology. I mean what cultural iconography can they bring to any meeting or party? Think about it.

I haven't apologized for this country for the past nine years !!!!!!!