Monday, January 23, 2017

President Trump needs a session with Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen.

Look, I don't care if Wall Street disappears over the horizon and never comes back, but, the Trump administration needs a session with Chairwoman Yellen, like it or not.

This is not difficult; when the USA Dollar drops the national debt and deficit goes up without spending another dime.

One of the nonsense issues that always plays out with presidents and the media is the CONFIDENCE of Wall Street to make investments. Do I care about Wall Streets' confidence? No. What I do care about is the stability of the USA Dollar. The USA is a steadfast democracy with strong capitalism as it's economic basis. That should be enough to anchor the USA Dollar as a sound investment in any market. Our USA Bonds are the best in the world when it comes to stability, but, what can impact the dollar are stupid investors.

January 23, 2017

The New Zealand dollar rose above 72 US cents (click here) as investors remain uneasy about what US President Donald Trump will deliver in his much-anticipated infrastructure spending programme.
The kiwi gained to 72.02 US cents as at 5pm in Wellington from 71.56 cents at 8am and 71.66 cents on Friday in New York. The trade-weighted index was little changed at 78.65 from 78.69 last week.
The greenback has come under pressure as investors second-guess the extent of Trump's promised infrastructure spending, which is seen as adding inflationary pressures to the world's biggest economy. Trump campaigned on a platform of increased spending, tax reform, and protectionist trade and immigration policies, though detail remains scant since his inauguration on January 20....

Yes, I said that correctly. Stupid investors. They are not interested in using their education, but, only computers that figure derivatives and all that mess. Why computers? Really? Like I said, stupid investors. When the global economic recession, the largest in history besides the Great Depression hit, there was not a Wall Street executive that could explain derivatives or swaps. All these bozos knew was that if they gambled with derivatives ( dy/dx ) and lost they could get their money back with credit default swaps.

Leibniz's notation  d(3x3)/dx = 9x2

If anyone wants to know if the broker throwing around the investment in derivatives and credit default swaps is worthy of trust ask them this.

"Do you know anything about Leibniz's notation?"

But, as to the USA Dollar, President Trump needs to speak with Chairwoman Yellen for a session in the value of the USA dollar and how it is maintained and enhanced. It should be interesting.

January 19, 2017 (Pre-Trump uncertainty)
By Reuters

The US dollar rose (click here) and stocks also gained ground on Wednesday after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen suggested the US central bank was ready to raise interest rates quickly this year.

US Treasury yields rose too after Yellen said “waiting too long to begin moving towards the neutral rate could risk a nasty surprise down the road – either too much inflation, financial instability, or both.”

Oil futures tumbled, however, dragging down the energy sector index , which was one of the biggest weights on the S&P 500....