Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Where is the lawsuit?

"Trump"s name is a known financial capacity. The name alone is marketable. Donald Trump sues everyone with a shadow of potential profit and/or defamation of the name Trump.

Where is the Trump lawsuit against "Opening Day 45?" Using persons names in any filing that has not joined the charity and/or consented to the use of their names is fraud. Where is the Justice Department?

Ohhhh, that's right, the charity removed the names so therefore it is not NECESSARY to prosecute. That is where we are in the USA. We do not litigate crimes, we accept retreating behavior as satisfactory to criminal activity. That is corruption itself. Why?

Because the scandal alone singles out this charity as one that had some kind of relationship with Trump's sons. So, if prosecution was carried out it would end this fraudulent practice.

The charity is receiving more members and donations today than a week ago. That is corruption. All a non-profit has to do is engage in a scandal and they attract people for support simply because it was receiving attention for the wrong reasons. "Opening Day 45" has violated the essence of charity by engaging in fraud. This is nonsense. An investigation and prosecution has to go forward to stop the practice of defrauding the public. There is no reason to stay within the boundaries of the law anymore. 

December 21, 2016
By Allegra Kirkland

Facing scrutiny over questions of influence-peddling, (click here) Donald Trump’s eldest sons have distanced themselves from an inauguration weekend event hosted by a charity where they’re registered as directors.

Yet questions remain about how involved Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. were involved in organizing “Opening Day 45,” and whether they even still plan to attend.

An initial draft invitation obtained by TMZ highlighted some major perks for top-tier donors. Those who spent $250,000 or more would be able to meet with Trump, and those who donated $500,000 or more would receive a “multi-day hunting and/or fishing excursion” with Trump’s adult sons.

Those prizes, which offered remarkable access to the Trump family, have been stripped from a final version of the invitation released Tuesday and posted on a newly-created website for the event. Top donors will instead receive a private reception with “VIPs and celebrities associated with the event,” as well as a “multi-day outdoor excursion.”...