Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It is as I thought.

The vote to preserve a Two State Solution was brought to the UN Security Council appropriately. The USA has not changed it's support for Israel, the fact the USA had voted in "abstained." It was not a vote against Israel it was to support a Two State Solution which is the only real path to peace. 

The "Two State Solution" was being abandoned by the President-Elect through extremists nominated and/or appointed to the country of Israel. The "Two State Solution" is the only path to peace. Realizing the President Elect would carry out an extremist platform with Israel was dangerous and it would not be a surprise to find there are already great threats being conceived against Israel.

Secretary Kerry would never indict the President Elect for extremism regardless of his actions to date.

It is important Israel be at peace with the region as it is a vital to the safety of the Israeli people. The Israeli Prime Minister should be grateful to the USA and Secretary Kerry for their steadfast position acting only to protect the potential peace in a "Two State Solution."

This is not the only issue with the President Elect, he has recklessly alarmed China in regard to Taiwan. These extremist positions will not be tolerated in the world and he needs to get used to the idea the USA stands for peace and not war to an extremist end.