Friday, December 16, 2016

Interestingly, Marsha Blackburn is completely wrong about the RNC cyber security.

The mouth. Where would Republicans be without their oral character? I have to admit Trump out ranks every other Republican oral character in office. That should make Marsha Blackburn feel better, or should I say, "Feel that feel good feeling."

In an election year, (click here) and the political theater is in full swing. As the Republican National Convention wraps up this week and the Democratic National Convention waits around the corner, there's one issue that seems to be missing from the political conversation again: cybersecurity. You won't hear many candidates discussing cybersecurity matters on the campaign trail, but that's not to say that their parties - and U.S. voters - haven't already been impacted by cyber attacks and data loss. Check out our latest infographic below for a short history of some of the major political security incidents in recent years.

Both parties were impacted by cyber attacks. There is some difference to the source of the hacking, but, there is no difference in the cyber security of the RNC.

What is really interesting is the fact the RNC's information never made it to Wikileaks.

As per usual, Marsha Blackburn is a clueless Republican that spouts propaganda.
Political Hacks and Data Loss Infographic
Infographic by Digital Guardian