Saturday, November 12, 2016

The protests have moved outside of the USA.

Kiwis clashed (click here) over US President-elect Donald Trump at a protest in Auckland today.
Opponents and pro-Trump supporters squared off during a protest in Aotea Square which saw an American flag burned and heated confrontations.
People opposing Trump's election announced this morning that they would be staging a peaceful protest at 2:30pm, run by a group calling itself 'Aotearoa Against Trump.'
The group describes itself as a 'grassroots movement established in reaction to Trump's election to facilitate education, discussion and ultimately, change of the system that has led us to this point.'...
...California legislators have released a joint statement expressing their rejection of Trump's politics of "resentment, bigotry and misogyny."
International demonstrations are also being organised, including a protest outside the American embassy in Israel.