Sunday, November 13, 2016

Celebratory gun fire. Where? Kansas City. Kansas City? Actually. That sounds right.

November 13, 2016

...Kiwi expat and an American (click here) hoping to move to New Zealand have described what it was like to experience first-hand the post-election violence unfolding across the United States.
As protests across the country continue for the fourth consecutive day since citizens elected Donald Trump as their next president, American residents remain fearful.
 Steve Schellhamer, an American father-of-two living in the midwestern state of Kansas said he was "genuinely scared" of what was happening in the US and hoped to move to New Zealand to escape the escalating violence.
He told the Herald he had heard gunshots echo through the streets of his usually peaceful neighbour every night since the election.
He believed the shots were fired by "Trump supporters celebrating and I guess as a form of intimidation against others".
Schellhamer described the social climate in the US as an "extremely toxic situation" and said it was "much worse" than it was portrayed to be in international media.
At an anti-Trump protest this week in his hometown of Kansas City, Schellhamer overheard Trump supporters saying "the most vile things" to Asian and African-American protesters....

Celebratory gunfire is a recent develop in Kansas City, Missouri. Celebratory gunfire is a element of fearful living. It will change the behavior of people.