Monday, June 06, 2016

Severe weather is occurring in Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand's weather has improved today with the worst happening yesterday. Australia is expecting severe weather for at least 48 more hours (click here).

There is commentary made in this film loop about a man in his backyard being swept away. That is part of the point I was making about sea level rise in China. As the oceans are gaining more water and it is accompanied by wind, the waters of the oceans can back fill rivers and tributaries to increase the danger inland. The wind will make the back fill temporary for as long as the wind continues, but, what exists of any back fill on a calm ocean day will be there for a long time.

Part of the reason China may be placing border markers in the Yellow Sea is due to the fact in time the current Chinese coastal borders may disappear under ocean water. There is real concern for the size of the back fill in the Yellow River and the Yangtze Rivers. Historically, The rivers of China did over flow their banks to take wetlands under water as well. China is a country of more than 1 million people, some will become climate refugees.

I am not stating China's border markers are only to counter land inundation, there are reasons beyond that as well. But, the idea China will lose their coastal boundaries is valid. Historically it is true.  I know that for a fact. I did research in 2009 regarding ancient rice and a lost civilization of China called, I called the "Qingliangang Culture Collapse." (click here for one of the article I read with fascination to this culture and ancient rice) According to the sparse information I found (although could not be dismissed as valid) within 5000 years ago along the Lower Yangtze River Qingliangang culture existed and was found through archaeological excavation. There was solid information along the Yangtze.

The culture disappeared due to sustaining high water. That does not mean the people perished. It may be the people migrated to higher land, but, would abandon their culture in the process to be a part of another.

Sea level rise is a serious problem, not simply a flooding event. Sea level rise also involves currents.