Thursday, June 09, 2016

Government officals should not have Twitter accounts. The accounts are being used as moment by moment popularity. That is a problem.

John Kasich states Donald Trump is trending down on Twitter so he doesn't think he can endorse him. Twitter? Really?

He isn't going to endorse Hillary Clinton. That's okay. Not needed in spite of her positive trending.

OMG. Kasich keeps saying that, "...he keeps trending the wrong way..."

Kasich needs a 12 step program:

2010-06-29 - There has been an intervention. (click here) I've finally freed myself from the Twitter addiction. Listed below are the 12 Steps that I followed to become Twitter Free. Failwell my fine feathered friends....

"Let's see should I sign the non-proliferation treaty? How is it trending on Twitter?"

Yes, indeed, the country has been very negative these days, "Bombs away."

Did I wake up from a dream on a bad day? I have to pinch myself. Yeah, it's real.

Does Ohio vote on Twitter about everything? The man is strange. Ohio Republicans actually voted for him at the nomination vote? They did, right? In large numbers. The USA is in trouble, real trouble.

This is a real issue. When an elected Governor checks Twitter to find trending before making a move politically, there are problems that have to be solved. That is outrageous. John Kasich can't talk about anything until he checks 'trending on Twitter." That is pathetic.

I hope troop movements aren't on Twitter. Twitter is a multi-national media. No one knows where the opinions on Twitter are coming from. It is absolutely insane to think Twitter is a good source of information when acting on issues of government.

I can understand how vibrant opinions can be interesting, but, the fact of the matter is Twitter is not a substitute for polling. This is completely insane. Kasich is checking Twitter for trending to make his decisions as a Republican. Ain't no way that is competent government.

The Twitter environments are not controlled. There can be access to a lot of danger on trending with Twitter. I still can't believe state governors are using Twitter as a decision tool.

March 5, 2016
By Rick Gladstone and Vindu Goel

The Islamic State, (click here) the violent extremist group that espouses a return to a seventh-century caliphate, has been astonishingly successful at spreading its message using 21st-century social media, according to a study released Thursday.

Despite repeated attempts by Twitter to thwart the Islamic State’s threats, propaganda and recruiting by suspending accounts linked to the group, sympathizers have maintained thousands of active accounts on the social network, the study said. The users include a disciplined core group that sends messages frequently and understands how to maximize its impact.

“Jihadists will exploit any kind of technology that will work to their advantage,” said J. M. Berger, an expert on online extremism who was the lead author of the study, which was published by the Brookings Institution and financed by Google Ideas. But the Islamic State, he said, “is much more successful than other groups.”

The release of the study came as Twitter, the San Francisco-based social media giant with more than 288 million active users worldwide, has moved more aggressively to suspend accounts linked to the Islamic State....

I realize Donald Trump makes use of his Twitter account in his campaign. He even held up a tablet once to indicate to journalists that was the best way to continue any questions and discussions because he had to leave the hall and follow a campaign schedule.

That is an appropriate use of Twitter. Answering questions and posting opinion in real time is valid, but, to use Twitter as a way to gauge an electorate is highly inaccurate with a high margin of error. I think that is foolishness. If I am not mistaken Donald Trump hired a statistician for his campaign. He does not use Twitter as anything except dialogue with the public and media.

I am worried to realize a governor is checking trending on Twitter to make decisions. That is not appropriate use of a multi-national media. That degree of influence over people in government is at least an ethics violation and their decisions should be reviewed during the time such media had influence.

I listen to radio and cable news and C-Span, but, I also critically think about what my opinions will be. I never take anything for granted either.