Monday, May 23, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign has been very valuable to the dialogue of this election.

My understanding of Super-Delegates is that they are autonomous. These Super-delegates are long standing party members and some are in Congress. This is the way the DNC handles their choice for the nomination for President.

It is not illegal. They can be debated as to any level of corruption. Is there an exchange of money or favor? I will assume all the Super-delegates are ethical people. 

They have been involved in far more intense and lengthy party dynamics than any other delegate to the convention. I would estimate they are well tuned to their party's platform and where momentum is for their electorate. That is important. Bringing people to the polls is vital to the heart of any party.

Given is the fact they have experience with candidates, past candidates and anticipated up and coming candidates. They are allowed to use their own judgement. My estimation is there are Super-delegates dedicated to the election of Hillary Clinton. They didn't know Senator Sanders was going to be involved with the Democratic Party process. 

It is a good guess, as per the picture in the upper left corner, there are now Super-delegates standing with Bernie Sanders.

The DNC and Super-delegates should be grateful for Senator Sander's interest in this election. He has been a very valuable part of the country's dialogue. I think the Democratic Party would be in the doldrums of he was not involved.

There is a solution to the issue of Super-delegates and it lies with them to have a conversation with both the Clinton campaign and the Sanders' campaign. The Super-delegates themselves can mitigate any tensions and potential negative impact on November's election. These conversations probably should have been an on going process from the first primary or caucus. Senator Bernie Sanders is just as interested in maintaining positive momentum in November as the Clinton campaign has been.

I think it is important the Sanders' campaign invite conversations with the Super-delegates. They will no doubt find interest by these delegates. All these negative dynamics can be confronted and worked out before the convention. There should be good will at the national convention and I think the responsibility for good will and harmony belongs to Super-delegates that sincerely care about the party and it's success in November.

I do believe Hillary Clinton is correct in stating Bernie Sanders has not received negative ads or profound criticism or real vetting. If Bernie Sanders has a chance to be the nominee he needs to have a good idea of where the negative impacts will come to his campaign that would remove his luster today.

I appreciate the fact Bernie Sanders is going to be campaigning through to November to bring about the best interest for the country. I think he and his spouse are great people.

I have stated before the high approval rating that belonged to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State was chronically impacted by FOX News negative programming. Bernie Sanders hasn't experienced the chronic and insidious attacks by FOX. "Where is his Benghazi and email soft spots?"

FOX is a propagandist network along with talk radio. There is no playing fair by FOX. I am sure for all the years Bernie Sanders has been in politics he has been attacked for his views, but, succeeded in receiving the majority vote anyway. He and his campaign needs to be ready. Even campaigning for Hillary into November may invite some very nasty dialogue about the Sanders campaign and their candidate.

Being a mature campaign means being prepared for attacks and the impact they will bring. I am sure there are many veterans in the Bernie Sanders camp, especially after these primaries. It is amazing what they are achieving. But, they have not been the focus of wrath by FOX, yet.