Friday, June 23, 2017

CYA by Governor Snyder. He should be next.

Drink that Governor.

Snyder's Emergency Manager program was ended by the people of Michigan in a referendum vote and he ignored them.

This is not a man that should be forgiven, he is guilty as sin and everyone knows it. The Flint River could never support a city's demand for water. It is not physically possible for the Flint River to support the city of Flint, yet, without any consultation from any agency in the state or federal government, Snyder pulled the plug on death and brain damage.

The man is one of the most cruel governors Michigan has ever seen and the country for that matter.

Where does the carnage of Americans stop? Never? 

It has to stop with this Governor! Justice demands this Governor "Does not walk!"

June 17, 2017
By David Eggert

An apologetic Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (click here) was largely silent last year when criminal charges were brought against state officials over Flint's man-made drinking water crisis, except to say some "bureaucrats" had failed residents and that he was focused on the city's recovery.

Now, with two of his own cabinet members facing unprecedented manslaughter or other charges related to a deadly Legionnaires' disease outbreak that some experts have linked to the municipal water, a more defiant Snyder is keeping them on the job and publicly and privately defending their names despite calls for their removal. He referred to Health and Human Services Director Nick Lyon as a "strong leader." He said Lyon and Chief Medical Executive Eden Wells have his "full faith and confidence" and have been instrumental in Flint's rehabilitation.

They are the highest-ranking officials to be charged in Attorney General Bill Schuette's investigation of the city's lead contamination. And unlike the other 10 state officials who were previously charged — five environmental regulators, three health experts and two former emergency managers whom Snyder appointed to address the city's budget deficits — they are closer to his immediate orbit and report directly to him....