Friday, July 28, 2017

It always seems to me North Korea is blissfully unaware of the dangers of a missle strike on North Korea.

As of 2008, North Korea had a population of over 24 million people with a life expectancy of 68 years old. A quarter of it's population is young age birth to 14 years old.

The United Nations needs to provide advisers to North Korea explaining the danger of raising tensions with their neighbors and other countries. North Korea and South Korea are in a danger zone one has to worry about. There will be dangers on the Peninsula should there ever be a nuclear strike. It is not just the matter of damage by the bomb, but, the sustained problems such a weapon has on people and their environment.

It would be far better for North Korea to establish diplomatic relationships with their neighbors and work on human rights as well as trade. The quality of life of the South Korean people would increase dramatically if North Korea would find a diplomatic process that worked so it can remove the current priority of nuclear proliferation.

It would be interesting to have a visiting North Korean basketball team. North Korea has both a woman's and men's professional team.

July 28, 2017

North Korea (click here) has launched "one unidentified missile" from its northern Jagang province, the South Korean Defense Ministry announced in a statement. The Pentagon confirmed to NPR that it has also identified a missile launch from the North.

Citing the Japanese chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga, The Associated Press reports the missile "flew for about 45 minutes and appeared to have landed in the waters of Japan's exclusive economic zone."

There have been no immediate reports of damage, and it was not immediately clear what type of missile the North was testing.

The missile launch follows a string of tests by the North Korean regime this year, the most recent of which came earlier this month. That test marked a milestone for Pyongyang: a successful intercontinental missile launch....