Saturday, July 15, 2017

Do you value your local economy? Then use it exclusively and support your neighbors' jobs.

There is nothing to say consumers can't shop online, but, shop online with your local merchants, then pick up your purchases.

July 13, 2017
By Danielle Paquette

More and more Americans (click here) are embracing a trend that labor groups have come to fear: We are shopping online now about as often as we take out the trash.

About a third of adults buy something on a computer or phone at least once per week, up from 21 percent in 2013, according to a new survey from a consulting firm that watches e-commerce trends.

The poll of roughly 1,600 people across the country also found that nearly half prefer to purchase goods on the web, the Walker Sands data show. These days, that includes just about everything: groceries, prescription refills, mattresses, party dresses. Just 4 percent of respondents said they avoided online deliveries entirely....

When consumers become more and more dedicated and dependent on their local economies, the more they grow.

Support your community and town by being a part of it's local economy. The more vibrant the local economy, the more jobs, the more house sales and the more valuable those homes become.

The more consumers become alienated from their local economies, the more loss of jobs, the loss of value to that economy as those sales go to China or who knows where. Buying American is not enough. Buying local is the answer to end the Wall Street crashes that rob Americans of their wealth.

Hang on to your dollars and reject immediate gratification. If you find there is a service lacking in your local economy or goods not available locally, build it! That's right, build it. Find investors, others that believe the same as you and build it. Why, build it? Because if the goods or service is not available in your local economy; it means that economy is already deteriorating because of alienated consumers.

Let's do this thing!