Monday, July 10, 2017

Do you doubt the power of the sun to heat Earth?

There is a very easy experiment to try. 

Obtain two sheets of paper, one complete blank and white and the other dark. The dark one can be colored dark with a "Sharpie" or colored pencil.

Wear shorts that expose the leg at least eight inches above the knee.

Now, sit in a chair so there is sunlight on your legs. Feel the temperature of your skin change and become warm because of the sunlight. Don't get a sunburn, simply allow the sunlight to warm your exposed legs.

Then, place the white sheet of paper over one leg. Cover the other leg with the dark(ened) sheet of paper. 

What happens? I am not going to tell you, but, if you did it right, the evidence should be really obvious. 

When you realize the results, which will occur quickly, get out of the sun as your skin is still unprotected from sunburn, etc. 

If a doctor says not to go into the sunlight unprotected, don't participate in this simple experiment without permission.