Saturday, June 24, 2017

This is a sovereignty issue and Trump does nothing.

By John Bowden

Former President Barack Obama's top intelligence official (click here) at the Pentagon said Saturday that the Russian interference in the 2016 elections was "the political equivalent of 9/11."  

Michael Vickers, who served as Obama's undersecretary of defense, said in an interview with NBC News that there's little evidence of a response from the Trump administration to protect the next election.

"This attack is really the political equivalent of 9/11 — it is deadly, deadly serious," Vickers said. 

"The Russians will definitely be back, given the success they had," he continued. "I don't see much evidence of a response."

The Trump administration disputes the claim that it is doing nothing to secure America's voting systems. In a statement to NBC News, one U.S. official said that the White House is responding in ways "some you'll see, some you won't see…You certainly don't want to telegraph your moves."

In a separate interview on Saturday, CIA Director Mike Pompeo told MSNBC the CIA has “heightened emphasis on our ability to stop” Russian hacking attempts in the face of recent threats.

On Friday, the Trump administration seemed to acknowledge Russian efforts to influence the election after months of denials. In a tweet on Friday, Trump attacked Obama for doing "nothing about it" last year while the election was still ongoing....

Trump and his family benefit far too much to ever act against Russia. Tillerson has turned the Secretary of State office into the forward command of ExxonMobile.

The corruption is deep, consistent and obvious; yet; the USA is not defended by anyone, least of all it's commander and chief.