Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Philadelphia is wondering if the crack in the "Liberty Bell" is getting wider with each passing day of the Trump White House.

May 10, 2017
By Will Bunch

The Tuesday Night Massacre (click here) doesn't have quite the right ring, but then the sequel is almost never as satisfying as the original.

Nearly 44 years ago, Richard Nixon touched off what many of us had hoped would be the worst constitutional crisis of our lifetimes when he fired not only the special prosecutor investigating his Watergate scandal but also the attorney general and his No. 2, in the notorious Saturday Night Massacre. But that 1973 misadventure had what most Americans considered a happy ending. The investigative pressure on Nixon only increased, and he resigned 10 months later. The system worked, everybody said.

On May 9, 2017, President Trump shocked the nation by firing FBI director James Comey -- just weeks after Comey confirmed that his agents have been conducting a lengthy ongoing criminal investigation into whether Trump's 2016 campaign colluded with Russia in hacking emails that damaged his election rival, Hillary Clinton.

There is absolutely no guarantee that the ending of this sequel will be as upbeat as things turned out in the days after October 20, 1973. Our politics are more narrow, partisan and divisive, our media is more muddled, and our voters already proved last November that not all Americans are terrified by the prospect of authoritarian-style government in Washington....

It looks like the weld is still holding. Such a worry the country has never had before. How does anyone relate to a loss of a democracy and the existence of a plutocracy? I can hear them rolling over in their graves. The founders of our country left a Plutocracy run by an imperial regnant for a country of rag-tag misfits that proved to be more powerful than any existing military could oppress.

We have lost our culture of humble people in pursuit of magic such as a free country, democratic government and free exploration by science. We have lost who we truly are. We have lost our strong sense of equity rather than greed. We have lost the truth about America and replaced it with political lies that are to break the USA Constitution and instill a theocracy. Money can buy anything, including, the land of a free country to be replaced by an ideological dream of power over people used to freedom.

Peaceful genocide is removing liberty, not celebrating liberty. There is no liberty in oppression.

Trump is the fear of our founders. He is king. The power of the people is being diluted and removed.