Thursday, March 09, 2017


     (a) In General subsection (b) of section 4002 of The Patient Protection 

      SEC. 4002 ø42 U.S.C. 300u–11¿. PREVENTION AND PUBLIC HEALTH

(b) FUNDING.—There are hereby authorized to be appropriated,
and appropriated, to the Fund, out of any monies in the Treasury
not otherwise appropriated—
(1) for fiscal year 2010, $500,000,000;
(2) for fiscal year 2011, $750,000,000;
(3) for fiscal year 2012, $1,000,000,000;
(4) for fiscal year 2013, $1,250,000,000;
(5) for fiscal year 2014, $1,500,000,000; and
(6) for fiscal year 2015, and each fiscal year thereafter,


and Affordable Care Act (42 U.S.C. - 11), as amended by section 5009 of the 

Section 4002(b) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
Act (42 U.S.C. 300u–11(b)) is amended—
(1) in paragraph (3), by striking ‘‘$1,250,000,000’’ ($1,000,000,000) and
inserting ‘‘$900,000,000’’;
(2) in paragraph (4) , by striking ‘‘$1,500,000,000’’ ($1,250,000,000 and
inserting ‘‘$1,000,000,000’’; and
(3) by striking paragraph (5) and inserting the following:
‘‘(5) for fiscal year 2022, $1,500,000,000;
‘‘(6) for fiscal year 2023, $1,000,000,000;
‘‘(7) for fiscal year 2024, $1,700,000,000; and
‘‘(8) for fiscal year 2025 and each fiscal year thereafter,


I believe paragraph 6 from the ACA is removed with the above amounts taking
it's place.

21st Century Cures Act, is amended 

(1) in paragraph 2 by adding "add" at the end

Paragraph 2 of The 21st Century Cures Act already has "and" at the end.

(2) in paragraph 3 

    (A) by striking each of the fiscal years 2018 and 2019 and inserting 2018

The 21st Century Cures Act does not have any fiscal years listed. The ACA has 
fiscal years listed. The fiscal year of paragraph 3 of the ACA reads: 

(3) for fiscal year 2012, $1,000,000,000;

I am looking at both these documents, the ACA and The 21st Century Cures Act
and they do not read as the American Health Care Act states. The Republican
document has inaccuracies in it. It is flawed.

FOX News doesn't have an illegal document on their website, does it? (click here)
It is not Fake News, is it?

    (B) By striking the semicolon at the end and inserting a period; and 

(3) by striking paragraphs (4) through (8)

 have to assume what is meant is that the fiscal year 2019 as mentioned in 
The American Health Care Act will end with the funding in 2018 with a
period at the end. Then removing paragraphs 3 through 8 of The 21st Century
Cures Act. Four through eight of the ACA deals with far earlier years.

The American Health Care Act is highly flawed in it's verbiage.

    (b) RESCISSION OF UNOBLIGATED FUNDS - Of the funds made available
         by such section 4002, the unobligated balance at the end of fiscal year
         2018 is rescinded.

Section 4002 refers to the ACA and some funding through 2018 which is unclear 
from the ACA law at this point as referred to in the American Health Care Act
will end any further funding of the ACA.

Okay, so the funding is suppose to stop, I suppose at the end of the fiscal year
2018. Fine. What happens to the taxes that pay for that funding are they 
rescinded too? OR. Are the Republicans maintaining the tax structure in the ACA 
to pay for their budgets?

continued in next entry...