Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Besides throwing 24 million Americans off health care, bringing the federal budget down by $334 billion by 2026, the USA economy will suffer and the healthcare infrastructure will collapse.

Why go there? So a handful of billionaires can pay less taxes and eventually become trillionaires.

No one mentioned a reduction in the national debt either. Why? Because the Middle Class and poor will still be paying for it.

2026 is only nine years away. Funding for healthcare infrastructure growth and maintenance is planned over ten and twenty or more years. The additional construction, MRI, Catscans, hospital beds, surgical suites and labs now under way all have yet to be paid for. What does the US economy run on, sunlight? No, cold hard cash and the Republicans want to pull billions in government spending out of circulation every year. The collapse of healthcare will drag the US economy into another huge recession without taxes to rescue it. Good luck with that!