Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Power of the people. These are potential votes. I suggest their issues be known and brought by the Democrats.

You can wager real money on the fact Trump will if no one else will. However, he has gone so wrong within racism and bigotry there is no coming back. If the visit went forward he would be pitting police against Americans and Harley's reputation would be over!

Get on board with this!

Anyone for a Honda?

They have to be fought where it matters and with Plutocrats it is their stock prices and value of their product.

February 1, 2017
By Jason Silverstein

Talk about a vicious cycle. (click here)

The Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee has canceled a scheduled visit from President Trump — for fear of planning protests, according to a report.

Trump planned to visit the motorcycle factory on Thursday, and to sign unspecified executive orders there related to American manufacturing. His team made no public announcement about the visit, but White House staffers were already in Milwaukee setting it up.

But an administration official told CNN Tuesday the visit was canceled because the company felt “uncomfortable” about planned protests over Trump’s executive order on travel bans....