Sunday, January 29, 2017

Third World countries need to stop settling for First World throw away companies.

September 1, 2016

Trucks carry dangerous dust by passing the houses of the residents.

The Collective Stop Pollution (click here) Imphy-Sauvigny-les-Bois has eighteen members. Each of them individually filed a civil complaint against Harsco Metals and Minerals. 

Within the Collective, they are finally eighteen to have individually filed a civil complaint, against the company Harsco Metals and Minerals. Leaning for that on a report of inspection of the industrial site by the services of the State. PV noting that several rules relating to the protection of the environment had not been complied with in the mandatory terms of the authorization to operate this site....

The health of the Chinese and Brazilians have just gotten worse. Metal production in many parts of the world is antiquated and dangerous.

January 23, 2017 
By GlobalNewsWire

Camp Hill, Pa. -- Harsco Corporation (HSC)(click here) announced today two multi-year contracts for steel mill services in China and Brazil totaling more than $100 million over their duration.
 Harsco’s Metals & Minerals division has been selected by China’s second largest steelmaker, Hebei Iron and Steel Group, to take over an increased range of onsite mill services at its Tangshan Stainless Steel works, where Harsco already provides environmental services relating to the commercial sale of the mill’s slag co-products. With the new contract, Harsco now adds onsite slag handling, metal recovery and briquetting to its responsibilities. Tangshan Stainless produces premium-grade steels for the auto and consumer markets.
Included within Harsco’s services to the Tangshan works will be its patented steam box technology for steel slag processing. Harsco’s technology provides for faster cooling times, reduced water and energy consumption and more efficient slag sizing than conventional methods. Its environmental benefits include the full capture of open atmospheric emissions, together with the opportunity to utilize the clean steam and heat generated from the steam box.
In Brazil, Harsco has been selected by one of the country’s largest fully integrated steelmakers to extend Harsco’s long-standing services for onsite scrap handling, slag transport, metal recovery, and melt shop support. Harsco has been providing continuous support to the mill’s flat steel operations for more than three decades, and to its mini-mill since its inception in 2014....