Friday, January 20, 2017

Still yet another assault on the First Amendment when it favors right wing politics, hence cronys.

Everyone knows gun rights activists such as Nathan Dahm are funded by gun money. How do people run a campaign to match a gun money campaign when their funding is cut off to facilitate their freedom of speech.

January 20, 2017
By Dale Denwalt

Oklahoma City — A bill filed in the Oklahoma Senate (click here) aims to silence critics in the gun control debate who use public funds to get their word out.

The bill would ban the use of taxpayer money to lobby against gun rights expansion.

State Sen. Nathan Dahm’s legislation would cover all public employees, but he specifically cited attempts by universities and local governments to sway opinion about his bills and others filed by lawmakers.

Those institutions regularly hire lobbyists to advocate for or against a broad swath of measures, and Oklahoma’s higher education system has come out strongly against proposals that would, for example, allow guns on campuses. 

The control of political speech is becoming more and more the methods Republicans to oppress others with valid concerns and a point of view. Gun safety groups that do not want guns on campus should be receiving EQUAL FUNDING to match those received by candidates and lobbyists of the gun lobby. How else can the public and concerned citizens be heard.

When citizens are silenced it has the appearance of permission for such corrupt measures in the state legislatures. It is time for monies to be available to allow EQUAL TIME and EQUAL REPRESENTATION of such topics that effect the safety of citizens.